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Azuki - a Web Development Company

Hi, I’m Luke. I’m the developer behind Azuki.

I work with a number of other developers & designers to build websites, web products and native mobile apps.

a Web Development Company

Hi, I’m Luke. I’m the developer behind Azuki.


I build Cloud-based Products

Building robust web-based applications is my primary focus,
and then I do a whole load of other stuff too…


I specialise in Ruby on Rails because I enjoy it. It is a mature framework which building reliable products. I particularly like it because it provides so many great tools to help with rapid and robust development.
I usually use RubyMotion for iOS mobile work.

The Cloud

I architect the solutions to be scalable from the start. “The Cloud” makes it more accessible than ever to provide future-proof environments. Amazon WebService (AWS), Heroku or somewhere else if you prefer.


The focus is on fewer features & more quality. Less is more as they say, so I’ll say no more.

In the Loop

I like to get feedback often. The way I work provides you with opportunities to feedback often during the course of the development. It also gives you visibility of progress all the way through the development of the project.

Nice Things
Said About Me

Luke was a rockstar from day one and in addition to completing what we asked had helpful suggestions on a variety of subjects.
I feel like our little project only tapped a small percentage of his capabilities. He was professional from day one and kept us fully informed as to his progress. I would definitely hire Luke again.
Joe from Gramicon

Recent Posts

RubyMotion & Google iOS SDK code, google, ios, ruby, rubymotion

I needed a way to login with Google+ in the RubyMotion iOS app I’m building. After having used the Facebook iOS SDK, I expected it to be relatively painless. It turns out there is very little up to date information about connecting the Google iOS SDK to a RubyMotion app. I looked through lots of examples without much success.
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iOS Switch on change action code, formotion, ios, ruby, rubymotion

I’ve been using RubyMotion recently to build an iOS app for a client. It’s really good fun! It turns out that there’s an easy way to perform actions, such as saving, on toggling a switch in RubyMotion. I’m using Formotion but the same approach should work without it.
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Garage to Office diy, post

For my first year being full time self-employed (2013), I worked in what is essentially the spare room. It was perfectly fine for the time. But towards the end of the year, I started to want to have my own space. The ease at which I was getting distracted made me want a separate and dedicated space. I also wanted separation in order for my business to have a little more of its own identity.
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Who Am I?

Photo of Luke Cathie

Luke Cathie

I’m a husband and a dad.
I’m a Web Developer. I’m an entrepreneur.
I’m British. I’m a bit Belgian. I’m a fan of tashes.
I’m an undercover nerd.
I’m a fan of beer. I’m a snowboarder.
I’m a sports enthusiast. I’m a saints fan.


Send me an Email: luke@azuki.io

I mostly work remotely although not exclusively. I’m based in Cambridge (UK) if you’d like me onsite.