Web or Mobile, we deliver.

We deliver end-to-end development of web-based solutions and products to get businesses moving on the web. From an idea to a design prototype, from development to a live cloud-hosted solution, we can help.

Online Products

We build smart online products to help businesses grow online.
We create websites with useful functions like user login, payments, search and social interaction.

Mobile Apps

We create native mobile applications for iOS and Android.
Need your web application to talk to a mobile app? No problem.


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How we can help you

Don't have the in-house software development team to build the online product or web tool you need? We're the technical partner you've been waiting for. We bring technical know-how to help your business make good future-proof technical choices.

From a fresh new startup idea to a rebuild of some existing software, we're here to get things moving.

Web Development

Web Development

Web development is where we started. We've been in the industry for many years and we love it.

We specialise in Ruby on Rails because we enjoy it. It is a mature framework which enables us to build reliable products. I particularly like it because it provides so many great tools to help with rapid and robust development.

We're certainly not tied to just Ruby and Rails though. We work with many other programming languages including PHP & Python.

iPad iPhone

Mobile App Development

We can produce great native apps for iPhone, iPad & Android. They can be standalone, social and apps to link your users to your website.

We're relatively new to mobile app development but it's something we've been looking into for a while now. We love thinking of new ways of fixing problems.

We've been using RubyMotion for some of the work and have loved it.


Good design is key to great software. We encourage design-first approach in our projects to ensure the best result.
We have a number of designers ready to assist with prototyping/design of web and mobile apps.


We architect the solutions to be scalable from the start.
This means that if your product takes off, we can scale up the infrastructure. We use many of the very useful hosting providers out there. Amazon WebService (AWS) and Heroku are some environments where we can host your web products, but it can be somewhere else if you prefer.


We work using an agile style methodology.
We like to get feedback often. The way we work provides you with opportunities to feedback often during the course of the development period. We give you visibility of progress through early builds as often as possible to ensure we're on the right track. There's no point getting to a major milestone and finding out we're on the wrong track.

About Me

I'm Luke. I'm the developer behind Azuki.
I have a network of amazing designers, developers, copywriters and testers who work with me to produce amazing software.

Luke Cathie

Luke Web Developer

I’m a husband and a dad. I’m a web developer. I’m British and a bit Belgian.
I like beer, snowboarding, sports and the saints.

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